KAR Competition in KY INFO


  • Reminder for group that for our competition that’s out of town and you will need room accommodations, below is listed the (host hotel) for KAR in KY is Clarion Hotel and you call and say you are with KAR you get a room rate of $97.95 night, KAR only has a certain amount of rooms blocked for studios……and I don’t  want you to wait too long and miss out on this room rate options and availability etc…..so If you want to go ahead a (reserve ) your room call ahead and you still have 72 hours to (cancel) in case you don’t need to stay.
  • Last time we attended KAR it was (big) and they started on Friday afternoon, so just giving you a heads up.  Right now rooms are still available**
  • Thanks!!
  • Tracy

Regional Dance Competition in
Louisville, KY

Louisville Memorial Auditorium

March 4-6, 2016

KAR is dedicated to producing a high quality dance event that creates rewarding experiences for dancers, teachers, and parents. Our stages are shared by thousands of different ages, talents, and abilities. We seek to provide each of these performers with the opportunity to shine in a positive, rewarding, and exhilarating competition setting. We also pride ourselves on acknowledging the achievements and excellence of teachers, choreographers, and parents. It is our firm belief that the hard work and commitment of these individuals deserves equal attention and recognition. We are honored to be an artistic outlet where dedication and talent are celebrated. We look forward to an amazing competition and can’t wait to see all of your performances!

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Event Coordinator


Venue Info

Louisville Memorial Auditorium

970 S. 4th St. – Louisville, KY 40203

Host Hotel

Clarion Hotel

505 Marriott Dr – Clarksville, KY 40203


a night
Rooms will be held on a first come first serve bases. Cut off date will be when rooms run out or by February 26th 2016, which ever comes first. Please contact the Clarion Hotel directly for your hotel needs.

GROUP CODE: Kids Artistic Revue